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Experience what Listeners have defined as clean crisp clear sound reproduction. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

If you have yet to hear the OEM Audio Plus experience, you owe it to yourself to do three things: Find a vehicle equipped with the OEM Audio Plus, take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee or visit OEM Audio Plus on Facebook to learn of events near you. Message us if you have any questions or requests. News and events announced daily  - So get plugged in!

Primal Driven | Meet N Greet

Experience the OEM Audio Plus sound solutions for the Toyota / Subaru line of vehicles. ? Primal Driven HQ 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Socal Subie Culture

Experience the OEM Audio Plus sound solutions for the Subaru line of vehicles. ? Yanks Air Museum, Chino CA. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Become a Authorized O+ Demo location!

If sharing your listening experience is something you would be interested in participating in we are able to list you as an anonymous demo location to help interested vehicle owners in your area experience OEM Audio Plus! Your privacy & safety are our priority so we act as a middleman for all these inquires.