OEM Audio Plus

Gladiator Sound Solution

Proven Reliability, Seamless Integration, Unmatched Sound Quality


An ensemble vs "parts"

Engineered specifically to perform together.

By optimizing our sound solutions as "Systems" as opposed to "parts" we are able to take sound reproduction within this space to a level that hasn't been done before. This level of control results in a powerful experience without fear of blowing a speaker, taxing your vehicle battery, inducing distortion, or any other variable that may interrupt your enjoyment. 

Full Product Showcase and Specifications To Be Released

Gladiator Subwoofer System.

Deep and impactful low-frequency reproduction.

The OEM Audio Plus subwoofer system delivers a dynamic range of sound, creating a more dramatic effect by delivering up-front bass response without impeding the clarity and detail of your music (with or without the top on). The subwoofer design is tailored specifically for the Jeep Gladiator installing seamlessly into the rear storage area. 

Step-By-Step Installation Video Currently Being Edited


Engineered Specifically for the Gladiator.

Our Jeep Gladiator Sound Solution is a complete audio solution that delivers high-resolution audio without changing your head unit or loss of any vehicle features and/or functionality. You can expect seamless, full-range, detailed sound reproduction of instruments and voices, all the while delivering all the emotional weight of your music.