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Frequently Asked Questions

Different Amplifier Connector

Correct! Our 500 Series utilizes our new Multi-Channel Amplifier with single locking connector. 

Two Power Wires?

Our New Harnesses are made for scalability. If you’re performing a 500 installation with our single Multi-Channel DSP Power Amplifier, you will be using the power wire labeled “A”. The “B” power wire is intended for our Dedicated Subwoofer Amplifier option (SP). Our recommendation is to run both power wires all the way to the battery, but only to terminate by way of the fuse holder assembly the power wire labeled “A”. 

“A” = 20A Fuse, “B” = 30A Fuse

6x9 Woofer Magnet Size?

You’ll notice that our New Front 6×9 Woofers (32-2015) have what is perceived to be a “smaller” magnet. The good news is you received the correct product and it exceeds the performance of it’s predecessor (as seen in our installation video). You have received our New 6×9 Woofer (32-2015) featuring Neodymium Magnet(s). This upgraded magnet affords us better magnetic density with higher power saturation limits and performance as the traditional magnet, only lighter and a smaller footprint when it comes to installation (eliminating the need to use spacers to clear the window assembly on some installations). 

Tweeter has no connector?

Your O+ Tweeters have come equipped with speaker leads and utilize your factory speaker connector. The process of performing this needed pin swap can be viewed in the below video of the process. For best results use a Pick-Tool or Precision Jewelers Screwdriver. 

How can we assist?

Give us a call: 855-636-6346 x2 or send us a message (below)

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