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Toyota 4Runner


Toyota Tacoma

2016-Present | Double Cab

Toyota Tacoma

2005-2015 | Double Cab

Toyota Tacoma

2016-Present | Access Cab

Toyota Tacoma

2005-2015 | Access Cab

Toyota Tundra

2014-Present | Crewmax


Toyota Tundra

2014-Present | Double Cab


Toyota FJ Cruiser


Toyota 86


Toyota GR86

2022 - Present 

Toyota Supra

2019 - Present (A90)

Toyota Prius 

2016 - Present (XW20)

Toyota Prius C

2012 - Present

Got the system installed in my Tundra. You guys are wizards and I cannot stay out of my truck. The Best Buy location was top 5 in the country and he said they could not touch it at twice the price. The staging is perfection with no speaker directivity. You feel there. Those songs you love with presence and a little echo are amazing. I have been able to decipher words in songs that were unknown to me for 30 years. Great job.

Reference 450Q Owner, Chesapeake, VA

Even after driving 45minutes home with the new system, I sat in the driveway for another 45minutes listening to it.... It's like having a high end home audio system in your truck.


Active Member, TacomaWorld