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  • 86 specific design and tuning: a sensory experience both visually and audibly.
  • D.I.Y. Plug and Play Installation
  • No splicing, drilling of holes or customization of body panels for installation.
  • Optimized for all vehicle factory radios and most aftermarket options
  • Vehicle factory warranty remains completely intact.
  • Tuned exclusively for the vehicle acoustics of the Toyota 86
  • Vehicle undergoes extensive acoustic measuring (using proprietary six microphone array)

86 Specific Subwoofer System.

Enjoy deep, non-localized bass response - without  losing your trunk.

Weighing in at 20 pounds, the OEM Audio Plus subwoofer system for the Toyota 86 installs utilizing existing trunk liner fastener locations. Mounted to rear of the 14-liter enclosure is our 32-bit DSP Power Amplification - Meaning a simpler installation and our signature sound reproduction the moment you fire it up.

  • 8″ Quad Voice-Coil Woofer
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer
  • 100W RMS (200 Peak)
  • Sensitivity 88.9dB (1 W,1M)
  • Frequency Response: 20 -1000 Hz
  • Utilizes existing trunk liner fastener locations
  • 14 Liter Sealed Fiberglass Enclosure
  • Tailored minimalist design
  • Weighing in at 19.2 lbs / 8.7kg
  • Quick-Release knob for ease of installation
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • O.E. Automotive connectors for precision and reliable connection
  • Connectors are keyed so theres no chance to insert the wrong way

An ensemble vs "parts"

Engineered specifically to perform together.

By optimizing our sound solutions as "Systems" as opposed to "parts" we are able to take sound reproduction within this space to a level that hasn't been done before - all the while performing real-time diagnosis via our Digital Signal Processor. This level of scrutiny and control results in a powerful experience without fear of blowing a speaker, taxing your vehicle battery, inducing distortion or any other type of variable that may interrupt your enjoyment. 


  • Silk Soft Dome
  • 4-ohms 
  • 50W RMS (100 Peak)
  • Sensitivity 91.8 dB (1 W,1M)
  • Frequency Response: 3,000-20,000 Hz

  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Cone 
  • 2-ohms 
  • 50W RMS (100 Peak)
  • Sensitivity 86.5 dB (1 W,1M)
  • Frequency Response: 55-14,000 Hz


  • Powered and Remastered
  • Adds detail and spacial-fill to overall sound reproduction
  • 8-10 dB increase in loudness


Clean, unadulterated, undistorted power


Multi-Channel 32-Bit DSP Power Amplifier

  • 360 Watts RMS (Continuous / @ 2-ohms)
  • Cirrus-Logic 32-Bit Digital Signal Processing
  • Real-time system diagnosis for trouble-free operation
  • Meets all OEM standards including AEC-Q100
  • Why "OEM"?: Certified performance and operation for the life of your vehicle.

Signature Tuning

  • Converts analog signals into digital signals by way of four analog- to-digital (A/D) converters.
  • D/A converters and DSP will maintain signal integrity and precision adjustment not possible with an analog signal.
  • Clean, clear and crisp sound  achieved without requiring a massive power amplifier (via DSP).

Plug and Play

No splicing, no cutting, no guesswork.

We carefully took into consideration all the essentials necessary to create a system capable of reproducing a very high degree of detail, transparency and dynamics without compromising the integrity of the vehicle. Therefore we engineered the installation to be seamless, intuitive and fun. Everything was considered when designing Our Quick-Sync Wiring Harness.  

Plug and Play: O+ Harness connectors plug into your head unit. Factory connectors into O+ Harness
Engineered specifically for the Toyota 86. All vehicle functionality (steering wheel controls, illumination, etc…) is completely maintained
Installs safely in factory locations with minimal excess wire slack for a perfect fit and finish.

Sound Solutions

Choose the system that is perfect for you. Can't handle the pressure? Give us a call and we'll personalize your experience: 855-636-6346

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    *We not only guarantee the quality and reliability of every OEM Audio Plus sound system, we are confident you will not find a better sound experience for the money.