OEM Audio Plus


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  • Designed specifically for the Toyota 4Runner Limited/TRD Pro equipped with JBL
  • Delivers high resolution clarity and deep bass reproduction.
  • Plug and Play Installation (DIY or Professional)
  • Factory warranty and vehicle functionality remains completely intact.

This changes everything.

Our JBL Enhancement is a complete audio solution that works within the infrastructure of the 4Runner with factory JBL  and delivers high resolution sound reproduction with deep bass response. Featuring our Limited-specific subwoofer system and Acoustic Correction Filters, the results are improved dynamics and clarity without introducing distracting characteristics (excessive bass/colored midrange and highs) to the current system. In short, a familiar but completely transformed sound.

  • Improved transparency between all the speakers
  • Enhanced imaging, stereo separation and seamless integration with the subwoofer system
  • Elimination of muddy-ness attributable to excessive low frequency output generated by front door woofer
  • Effortless low frequency reproduction
  • Pre-tuned for seamless blending with front door woofers
  • Calibrated to Plug-and-Play to the output of the factory connectivity
  • Low Voltage/Short Circuit Protection
  • Carbon Fiber Cone 8″ Quad-Coil Subwoofer
  • Corner Mounted sealed subwoofer enclosure
  • Replaces the factory JBL Subwoofer
  • Drop-in installation with no hardware needed

4Runner Limited Subwoofer System

deep and impactful bass reproduction

The OEM Audio Plus subwoofer system for the 4Runner Limited is engineered to install seamlessly and deliver our signature accurate bass response the moment you plug it in without compromising your music’s clarity or vehicle space. Subwoofer System and Acoustic Correction Filters are calibrated to deliver a blended and immersive listening experience.

  • 8″ Quad-Coil Subwoofer
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber Cone Woofer
  • 100W RMS (200 Peak)
  • Sensitivity 88.9dB (1 W,1M)
  • Frequency Response: 20 -1000 Hz
  • Installs in passenger rear cargo area
  • 14 Liter Sealed Fiberglass Enclosure
  • Tailored minimalist design
  • Premium Satin Black Finish
  • Retrains access to the two accessory outlets
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • O.E. Automotive connectors for precision and reliable connection

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    *We not only guarantee the quality and reliability of every OEM Audio Plus sound system, we are confident you will not find a better sound experience for the money.