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You got questions?

Where can I experience this?

Hearing is believing. Go to an upcoming event or find a vehicle where you can Experience the Revolution of Audio. Check out the Experience page for details.

Where can I buy this?

The OEM Audio Plus Sound Solutions are available through our Authorized dealers or our online store.

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Do you make product for other cars?

Currently serving Scion, Subaru and Toyota. Our policy is to meet market demand as warranted. Feel free to petition your model today!!

Dealer or DIY Install?

Both! We pride ourselves in creating plug and play solutions that we believe any one can install. (Link to Warranty Information on FAQ) Note: Be mindful of essential tools necessary to complete installation. Please review our installation videos - Check out our installation page.

Install time?

Our systems have all been proven to be installed in 2 to 4 hours. It is safe to anticipate approximately 3 hours for a complete installation.


Factory Warranty is not affected if installation is followed according to OEM Audio Plus installation guidelines. All OEM Audio Plus components meet OEM specifications and include 3 year/36,000 mile warranty whether installed by an Authorized Dealer or if you opt to Do It Yourself.

Does it work with aftermarket radios?

Yes! Our products are calibrated for optimal performance using your factory or aftermarket head unit. We tune each sound solutions specifically to the output characteristics of YOUR head unit - so be sure to let us know which radio you have when ordering.

Can I buy sub or speakers separately?

No. The components in every OEM Audio Plus system are designed and engineered to work together. This is how we ensure the integrity of the sound and vehicle it's going into.

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