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Deadening: Bulk (58 sq ft)

The HushMat bulk kit creates an anti-vibration barrier, reducing road noise and vibration. Kit includes enough material for application to the outer skin of the door and floor to add additional rigidity to the door and vehicle for a more immersive listening experience.

Not required for our signature sound reproduction. Sound deadening can offer a more immersive listening, separation from road noise, and temperature-related benefits for the vehicle.


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Kit Includes


  • Thirty (30) sheets included 12×23″ ea (58 sq ft TOTAL)
  • Treats low frequency, resonant noise from 0 to 1,000 Hz
  • Withstands temperatures from -30 degrees up to +550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Requires no tools or surface cleaning / preparation for install
  • Trims with standard razor knife or household scissors
  • Self Adhesive peel and stick – adhesion guaranteed