OEM Audio Plus

Universal Remote Controller

The universal remote control allows controlling different functions such as subwoofer volume or HEC / MEC / AUX volume. It consists of two rotary knobs and a switch, all of which can be easily defined from a DSP PC-Tool suite. The specific configuration options for each product can be found in the “Device configuration menu” (DCM) software package.

NOTE: ***This Universal Controller is intended for use with Evolution Series applications ONLY. It connects to the port on the multi-channel (DSP) amplifier. It does not connect to the subwoofer amplifier. *** All Dedicated Sub Amplifier and/or Dual Subwoofer systems include a gain control knob. This optional Universal Controller is not required for those configurations but is an option for owners wanting a multifunctional level controller.


  • CONTROL I and CONTROL II (CTRL): Various functions can be selected in the DSP PC-Tool Software, e.g. controlling the master volume, controlling the subwoofer volume, controlling the HEC / MEC / AUX volume etc.
  • MODE: Various functions can be selected in the DSP PC-Tool Software, e.g. activating the digital input, activating the HEC / MEC / AUX input, switching between two DSP-setups, deactivating all sound optimizing features of the DSP for demonstration purposes etc.
  • STATUS LED: The LED shows the status of the MODE switch
  • 17’ / 5.2 m connection cable
  • Mounting material included

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